Meet Your Barista

Late this past spring, Coffee Hound baristas competed to create a winning drink to serve at the Ten Year Anniversary party this past August. Now, it is time to go public with the creations!! This new "Meet Your Barista" weekend addition is a great way to demonstrate creativity and is a chance for both barista and customer to learn from one another about coffee! 

The first drink featured will be Meghan Meyer's "Magnificent Day in Mexico with Meghan" on October 13th and14th from 1-3pm each day. Her coffee drink consists of a cold brewed Mexico coffee with a homemade blackberry vanilla simple syrup, all topped with foam and cocoa. 

Stop into the Bloomington Hound this weekend to try Meghan's drink! And keep an eye out on facebook and twitter for announcements about which barista will be featured next!!! 



  • Posted by Meghan on

    Thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend! It was so great to make my drink for everyone!

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