Subscriptions Coming Soon!!

What better gift to give to a coffee lover this holiday season than a coffee subscription!?!

Coffee Hound is bringing you just that! Soon, we will offer three subscriptions, where coffee is shipped to your door monthly or bi-weekly! These subscriptions will offer you roasts that are not offered in house, and give you a chance to broaden your coffee pallet. Our roasters are currently brainstorming espresso blends and special roast master blends to send out. Because we purchase our green coffee seasonally, you’ll receive the freshest coffee possible each month from various coffee growing regions ranging from South America to Africa.

All subscriptions purchased this holiday season will begin shipping out January 2 and monthly or bi-weekly shipments will follow for six months. These subscriptions make wonderful gifts-- and the purchase of a subscription also includes a Coffee Hound mug to drink your coffee in when it arrives!

If these subscriptions are gifts for loved ones you will see this holiday season, we will ship the mugs and a special note out as soon as you order so that there will be a gift to unwrap at your holiday gathering! 


  • Posted by Kathy Hughes on

    I am extremely interested in purchasing a Subscription for the Holiday Season for my brother in law for a Christmas Gift. If you could please let me know how I would go about ordering this gift it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible so that I know if this is a gift that I could purchase for a Christmas gift or if I will need to find an alternative gift. Thank you so very much.

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