Coffee Collaboration Series: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

(pictured above: lot in Nicaragua where the Gold Mountain Nicaragua & MCCA Community Blend were grown)

In 2015, Sirius Coffee Roasters was founded, and ever since, we have worked with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. Located in Nicaragua, the Jinotega and Matagalpa regions have quickly become staff and customer favorites when it comes to their coffee choice! Building our relationship for 7 years and counting, we were immediately drawn to Gold Mountain’s shared devotion to sustainability and excellence.

As a direct trade farming group, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers helps connect the specialty coffee farmers of Nicaragua directly with coffee roasters, overseeing their own export and import shipping across the world. Farms are treated like fine wine vineyards to maintain cup quality and social enterprise. We are constantly floored by the amazing taste of the coffees the farmers of Gold Mountain are able to produce year after year, but Gold Mountain’s impact on their communities and environment is what keeps us as firm supporters.

Gold Mountain offers zero to low-interest loans to farmers to achieve whatever they see fit, provides free computer classes to coffee communities to further their education, and educates farmers and cafes on the human effort it takes to make coffee a reality. Gold Mountain Coffee Growers use chickens to provide natural fertilizer, machetes instead of herbicides to control weeds, mushroom-diluted water spray to reduce the coffee-eating borer beetle, and have an incredible water recycling program that uses volcanic filters. They even bought a rainforest just to protect the natural environment and prevent deforestation at their own expense.

All of that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible work being done at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers and that is why we could not be more proud to work with them!

About Gold Mountain Coffee Growers Community Lots

A truth about coffee farming is that not every coffee will meet the incredibly high standards of Gold Mountain's Microlot grade. Member Farmers of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers realized they could bring they could come together as neighbors and fellow seekers of excellent quality coffee and blend together an incredibly nuanced cup, ensuring no coffee goes to waste and maximizing the returns on their labor and efforts. From both a business and humanistic perspective, this coffee still reaches out to make a positive impact! It speaks volumes to the combined work found at Gold Mountain that this community lot coffee was entered into a roasting competition and won a medal!

Fall 2022 Sirius Offerings from Gold Mountain

Don Roger, Isabel, and the Finca Las Mercedes

We could not be more excited to be working with Don Roger & Isabel again! With a degree in Agronomy, Don Roger has the knowledge, tips, and technical tricks to produce amazing coffee! Their farm, Las Mercedes, has a clean water source used by the community below the mountain as drinking water and they have a special PVC tubing system underneath the groves of the trees on the farm, ensuring runoff from washing coffee is filtered by the earth instead of polluting streams. Don Roger & Isabel are amazing coffee farmers that we are proud to work with year after year! 

(pictured above: Don Roger & Isabel)

Maria Velasquez & Daughters 

We could not be more excited to be working with Maria Velasquez & her daughters again! Maria and her all-female household and farm sort their coffee cherry by cherry until each lot is like a color swatch of deep burgundy or golden yellow! This creates quality in each cupping of the highest sweetness and juiciness! Each year, Maria invests more and more into her farm and supports her daughters in their career and academic pursuits! 

(pictured above: Maria Velasquez and her coffee beans undergoing the Carbonic Maceration process)

Community Action: MCCA

We are proud to bring you Community Action, with proceeds going to MCCA with every purchase! Here in the Bloomington-Normal area, MCCA has been in operation since 1965 to aid in addressing the economic issues of our neighborhoods and communities! There could be no better coffee to bring people together towards this cause than Gold Mountain's Community Lot, which sees Gold Mountain Member Farmers coming together to ensure a positive, sustainable impact can be made on every level of their coffee production! 


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