Ethiopia Modor Natural

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Origin Village of Modor, Ethiopia
Producers Smallholder Producers of the Sidama Region
Proc. Method


Elevation 1950-2150 masl
Varietal 74110, 74158, and local varieties Setami, Mekicho
Roast Level Light
Notes Grape Kool-Aid, Orange Gummies, Peach Rings


About the Coffee

This Natural Ethiopia from the Village of Modor in Bensa offers intense, sugary, and sweet-tasting notes of Orange Gummies and Peach Rings, complemented by a juiciness reminiscent of grape Kool-Aid. It is a prime illustration of the coffee quality attainable from the lush nitisols soil of the area!

Want to try all the flavors of the area? Try the Ethiopia Hateso Washed!


C-Market Value: $1.76 / lb

Fair Trade Minimum: $1.55 / lb

We paid: $7.12 ($6.94 / lb + $0.18 / lb shipping)


About the Shantawene Municipality of the Sidama Region

Situated next to Bombe Mountain, coffee grows naturally in the 0.5-2 hectare gardens of local farmers, producing 2-4 bags of green coffee yearly. Once delivered to washing stations, coffee cherries meant for natural processing are screened and sorted for density using flowing water and cement channels. Cherries are then transferred to drying tables and turned regularly in the Ethiopian sun!


About Catalyst Trade

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and the birthplace of Catalyst Trade. After connecting in the 2013/14 Ethiopian coffee harvest, the three founders of Catalyst Trade were determined to learn from and challenge the systems of international coffee. Ethiopian-Owned and Woman-Led, Zelalem Girma Bayou, Emily McIntyre, and Michael McIntyre are redefining the specialty coffee trade in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Peru with the conviction of rewarding the labor of all of those who work in coffee to ensure an equitable increase in the quality of life. 

Sirius Coffee Roasters has been working with Catalyst Trade since 2020 and have been blown away by the quality of the coffees they import. Catalyst Trade's drive for sustainability and innovation shows in every facet of its business. We set out to make strong connections with producers in Ethiopia and could not have found better partners than Catalyst Trade. 

We have both done a lot of growing in the last 3 years of working together, and Catalyst Trade has become so integral to our operations! Beyond the amazing single-origins and micro-lots, Ethiopia has become a staple origin for our Pressure Drop and seasonal blends! By working together, we hope to expand our direct relationships in Ethiopia and Kenya over the next few years! We think Catalyst Trade is an incredible importer and are proud to work with them! 


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