Guatemala Waykan

Guatemala Waykan

Origin Guatemala
Region Huehuetenango
Proc. Method


Elevation 1600-1800 masl
Varietal Various

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The Cup

"Sweet, soft and sugary with caramel, raisin, berry, chocolate, lemon and toffee flavors."


We are excited to bring in one of our seasonal favorites from Guatemala! The dynamic character of coffees from Huehuetenango, with their crisp acidity reminiscent of lemon, grape, or apple, and a balance of toffee and sweet nuts, like almond.

Waykan, in the Maya Q'qnjobal dialect of the Huehuetenango region, means "star, or light that shines in the sky at night." The indigenous population in and around Huehuetenango plays a large role in the coffee production here, and coffee accounts either directly or indirectly for roughly 80 percent of the local economy.

We proudly work with Cafe Imports as one of our importers! Their Regional Select program was created to highlight the unique profiles found to be inherent to various microclimates in many of the countries from which we source green coffee. 

For the Regional Select offerings, they are sourced based on cup quality and character, seeking a balance of “taste of place” with availability and price. These lots are built as blends from coffees that cup out between 84–87 on our 100-point cupping scale, and come with regional and often microregional traceability, but are not farm- or producer-specific.


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