Saturnalia: Winter Festival

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Origin Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica
Producers Smallholder Producers
Proc. Method


Elevation 1800 masl
Varietal Various
Roast Level Medium Dark
Notes Mulled Wine, Pecan Pie, Cherry Cordial


About the Coffee

Tis' the Season of Saturnalia! 

According to the poet Catullus, Saturnalia was "the best of days!" Named after the Roman Winter Festival in honor of Saturn, Saturnalia is a time of merrymaking, gift-giving, and revelry! We celebrate the year we have had and look forward to the year to come! This year, we bring a coffee blend that combines the flavors of Colombia, Sumatra, and Costa Rica to taste like the spirit of the season so that we may drink deeply and continue to laugh, share, and hold joy with those in our company! Roasted to ensure every kind of coffee drinker can join in on the party, we welcome all to brew a cup with us! 

Happy Holidays from Sirius Coffee Roasters and thank you for joining us! 


C-Market Value: $1.78 / lb

Fair Trade Minimum: $1.60 / lb

We paid: $5.16 ($5.06 / lb + $0.10 / lb shipping)

-Colombia: ($4.35 / lb)

-Sumatra: ($6.13 / lb)

-Costa Rica: ($5.83 / lb)


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