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Monthly Subscription


Welcome to our new subscriptions!

We want to take the hassle out of remembering to order coffee, by offering a monthly subscription offering of your favorite Sirius staples! All you have to do is:

1. Pick your size (12oz or 5lb)

2. Pick your coffee

3. Select Ground or Wholebean

4. How many bags you would like

5. Place order and wait for amazing coffee to come to your door!


Current Coffee Offerings:

Beacon Dark Roast

Beacon is here to light the way into the realm of specialty coffee. Most people, start their coffee journey with a darker roast, so we decided to make Beacon an excellent entry point. This robust, single origin coffee is great for cream and sugar coffee drinkers, or anyone looking for a full bodied cup.

Chroma Espresso Blend

Seeking to capture the purity and intensity of a well extracted espresso, Chroma checks every box. This dark chocolate and nut heavy coffee has curves of sweet caramel with a mild red fruit that make it an alluring espresso shot or cup of coffee. As our flagship espresso, this one really sets the bar. 

Gravity House Blend

Our longest running, best selling brew, this medium house blend pleases cafe regulars and home brewers alike. With notes of chocolate, green apple, and caramel, this coffee has a slight acidity that makes it an ideal wake up or wind down. Gravity keeps you grounded.

Pressure Drop Blend

Pressure Drop is an espresso blend that has an amazing balance of those classic caramel, milk chocolate flavors that Chroma offers, but with more of a fruited, acidic sweetness that creates a complex, yet very approachable espresso. It also can double as just a great cup of coffee as well!

Roasters Choice

Do you love exploring different coffees and origins each time you drink a cup? Then Roasters Choice is the best option for you. We will do our best to send you a different single origin each time your receive a new shipment in order to keep your coffee experience exciting and new!

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