Introducing Mutawast

Sirius Coffee Roasters is proud to partner with Quarter Horse Coffee to bring you all our first ever offering from Yemen! 

The Mutawast is a Yemenia, which is a new mother population (or, genetic variety) of coffee found exclusively in Yemen sourced through Qima Coffee; leaders in Yemeni coffee, agriculture, and sustainability. 

This elite coffee is 

100% of Proceeds Support UNICEF Famine Relief

Yemen is currently being ravaged by an ongoing famine that continues to claim lives and livelihoods. UNICEF projects that 2.3 million children in Yemen could suffer from malnutrition this year because of the famine. 

Together, Quarter Horse Coffee and Sirius Coffee Roasters will be donating 100% of the profits from this release to raise money for the UNICEF Yemen Famine Relief Program.

Limited Mutawast Art Print & Bookmarks (Also For Sale Separately!)

To commemorate this special and limited coffee, we teamed up with the artists at Half Hazard Press, an art and screen printing studio, to create limited hand printed bookmarks and an  11"14" art print inspired by the story of the Mutawast coffee. The prints and bookmarks will be included in every purchase of Mutawast, and are a limited number are available for sale separately (100% of proceeds will also go to support the UNICEF Yemen Famine Relief Program).

How To Purchase

Because of the limited supply of Mutawast available, Sirius only roasted thirty 4oz bags, and only few are still available at our three Coffee Hound cafes in the Bloomington-Normal area.

A bundle including the printed bookmark, art print, and 4oz bag of coffee is $40 and will only be available until the 40 bags are sold out.

What are you waiting for? Directly support humanitarian efforts in Yemen, enjoy some world class coffee, and hang up some hand crafted art on your walls - all for only $40!