ELLA: Women Owned Farms, Washed

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Origin San Marcos/Santa Rosa/Nuevo Oriente/Fraijanes, Guatemala
Producers Jovita Castillo, Rita Cohen, Sofia Plocharski
Proc. Method


Elevation 1400-1750 masl
Varietal Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Roast Level Medium-Light
Notes Sweet Bread Pastry, Orange Zest, Custard


About the Coffee

Buttery, Sweet, and Citric, the coffees that makeup ELLA perfectly meld together into an immensely satisfying cup! Combined lots from 3 different Women-Owned Farms in Guatemala make up the ELLA Program, created to empower and highlight the women producers of Guatemala. 

Check out the Onyx: Guatemala Blend featuring ELLA: Women Owned Farms Washed and all of our other Onyx Coffee Offerings this year! 


C-Market Value: $1.49 / lb

Fair Trade Minimum: $1.60 / lb

We paid: $4.57 ($4.36 / lb + $0.21 / lb shipping)


About the ELLA Program

Whether it be picking coffee cherries or exporting bags of green coffee, Women make up most of the labor force in Guatemala. Across the world, women in coffee disproportionately own fewer assets and land, despite 70% of farm work being performed by women. Onyx Coffee saw an opportunity to highlight the stories of the powerful women producers in Guatemala, providing market access with roasters and uplifting diversity in their sourcing. The ELLA Program is curated by women producers during the onboarding with Onyx Coffee in order to begin investing in long-term partnerships, empowering women producers in the area. 

This year, the ELLA Program was contributed to by Jovita Castillo of the Finca La Joya Grande, Rita Cohen of the Finca Santa Rita, and Rita Cohen of the Finca Santa Rita!


About Onyx Coffee

In 2020, Sirius Coffee Roasters was in search of creating strong connections with producers in Guatemala, a country of origin with coffees that had quickly become staff favorites. It was at this same time that we met Julio with Onyx Coffee and we have been working together ever since! 

Edwin Martinez, CEO & Owner of Onyx Coffee, is a Third-Generation Coffee Producer whose Grandfather started a coffee farm in 1957. Martinez and Onyx work incredibly hard to build relationships with the farmers of Guatemala and roasters around the world in order to become a trusted source of Guatemalan coffees. As a coffee producer himself, Martinez knows the challenges farmers face in the industry and stresses the importance of ensuring farmers receive the support they need to thrive economically, socially, and environmentally in the long term. 

Sirius Coffee Roasters and Onyx have been growing together for the last 3 years and counting, with Guatemala becoming a staple origin for our Switchback and Pressure Drop blends to ensure we can continue to make an impact for the farmers throughout the year! By working together, we hope to expand our direct relationships in Guatemala over the next few years! We think Onyx Coffee is an incredible importer and are proud to work with them! 


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