Ethiopia Werka Chelchele

Ethiopia Werka Chelchele

Origin Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe
Proc. Method


Elevation 1850-1880 masl
Varietal Ethiopian Heirloom

The Cup

"Soft with floral and raspberry notes; balancing caramel rounds out the finish and adds a coating mouthfeel."

Sirius Coffee Roasters is stoked to offer a great coffee from Ethiopia in our line up! Ethiopia is considered by experts to be the birthplace of coffee, so we wanted to put out an awesome coffee to represent that!

As a micro-region in the Yirgacheffe of Ethiopia, this coffee did have an expectation to be excellent. Good news! It definitely lives up to the hype! The floral and raspberry notes of this coffee start pianissimo, but crescendo onto that last sip!  Rich caramel flavor comes in to level this song of a coffee!

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