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Ethiopia Wush Wush
  • Ethiopia Wush Wush
  • Ethiopia Wush Wush

Ethiopia Wush Wush

Origin Ethiopia
Region Ginbo, Keffa
Proc. Method

Red Honey

Elevation 1850-1950 masl
Varietal 75/210, 74/212, 74/110, 74/165, and other Landrace varietals, naturally adapted from the Wush Wush varietal.
Roast Level Light-Medium
Notes Red Ale Hops, Bergamot, Spiced Apples

Fall of Firsts here at Sirius Coffee Roasters! We could not be more excited to partner with Catalyst Trade and to share with you all our first Wush Wush coffee from Ethiopia! Notes of spiced apples and red ale hops provide a sweet, deep earthiness with a little bit of bergamot to elevate the sweetness! Hands down, we are loving this coffee for the cooler mornings and evenings of the fall! 

The Wush Wush name has earned it's notoriety over the last 30 years. Being placed amongst Geshas and other rare varietals, this coffee comes from the village of WushWush-where the varietal was discovered in Ethiopia! Add on the unique Red Honey Process and you have an absolute banger of a coffee!

Honey processes are depulped like a washed processed coffee, but then dried like a natural processed coffee! Depending on how long the coffee is dried, the color, moisture, and fermentation of the coffee changes-along with the taste profile! Red honey is the second-longest drying time, just behind black honey! 

This is a coffee made for the coffee connoisseurs of the world! We cannot wait for you to try yours!


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