Ethiopia Kochere

Ethiopia Kochere

New on the Brew Bar in Normal this month is our Ethiopia Kochere! We haven’t had a coffee with this much fruit-forward charm in quite some time and are so excited to share it with you. 

Many of our customers may be familiar with the word “Yirgacheffe,” as we tend to have coffees from this region of Ethiopia behind the bar quite often. With the Kochere we are taking you a little deeper into Yirgacheffe. Kochere is one of the highest coffee growing regions in the entire world capping out at 2,500 meters above sea level and that’s about 8,200 feet! Coffee loves altitude: The higher the altitude, the sweeter and more flavorful the bean. Most coffees in Ethiopia are grown organically by tradition; this is, after all, the birth place of coffee! In addition to it’s amazing growing environment, this lot is also naturally processed. This means that the coffee cherry is allowed to dry naturally on the bean in full sun on raised beds thus imparting amazing flavor. The Kochere is processed at the Haileselassie processing station, where many of the region’s farmers bring their heirloom varietals to be dried and processed naturally.

And now the best part: what to expect in this amazing cup of coffee! As the coffee is ground it explodes with strong fruit aromatics of peach, melon and ripe berries. When hot water is added those aromatic notes become stronger and even more enticing. 

The Kochere is incredibly drinkable. Its syrupy body is enhanced with notes of peach and berry jam, along with a hint of fig newton and turbinado sugar, with a satisfying finish of toffee and peanut. 

We hope you enjoy this amazing coffee as a V60 pour over, a French Press, or an amazing shot of espresso. Only available at our Uptown Hound location in Normal, Illinois, until we run out!  We will also offer this coffee as a retail item in limited quantities. Check the Normal shop for details. 


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