Mulberry School Run!

Coffee Hound has always supported the local community and this weekend Coffee Hound has created a team of their very own baristas to participate in Mulberry School's Dusk to Dark Fun Run! Mulberry School is a private, non profit, school where the parents have the chance to cooperate in almost every aspect of the school. April and Steve Fritzen, the owners of the Coffee Hound, have supported this school tremendously over the years. This year the Hound is offering the chance to win a $25 gift card when you donate $5. Our goal is to raise over $1400, last year's total. 

The night run will take place this Saturday!! Stop by the Hound to donate and win a chance for a gift card! Or stop by the race (details in store) in your favorite costume and run a course lit up by glow sticks! 


Part of our team, prepping for the run!!!   

                     Dressing up at the Hound to promote our run!!! 


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